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Gray’s Anatomy Academy is founded on the principle that everyone deserves to be fit, for life. We have carefully crafted our environment, team and culture to cater to busy parents, youth athletes, and adults looking to maximize their wellness and longevity. If you are trying to fit exercise back into your life, recovering from an old nagging injury, training for next season’s sports or trying to optimize your time and energy in the gym then we are the perfect fit for YOU!

Zachary Gray


Zack is the co-owner and co-founder of Gray’s Anatomy Academy located in Needham, Ma. Zack’s underlying philosophy is paying careful attention to detail, focusing on making incremental improvements day after day and truly learning in the gym will foster a lifelong positive relationship with fitness. Zack developed his passion for fitness competing in baseball among other sports during his youth. 

He has experience in optimizing performance, working with youth athletes, reducing risk for injury, helping recover from injury, losing weight, and postpartum fitness.

Additional Certifications: Kettlebell Level I,  Certified Functional Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition, Pre and Post Natal, CPR & AED, and Pain Free Performance Specialist

Sean Dunn


Sean is the co-owner and co-founder of Gray’s Anatomy Academy located in Needham, Ma. Sean is a certified personal trainer and certified functional strength coach.

Sean is a father to his two girls, husband to his wife, lifts weights, runs a bit, jumps from time to time, eats a bit more than he runs and occasionally competes in some Jiu Jitsu/submission grappling tournaments.

Sean subscribes to training like an athlete because power, strength, stability, speed and mobility are inherent characteristics to those who train like athletes. Adults often put restrictions on themselves that limit their longevity and quality of life and the main goal of training with Sean is to overcome these perceived limitations and actualize potential.

Bella Roy

Certified Personal Trainer

Bella is a NASM certified personal trainer. Bella developed her passion for fitness through CrossFit where she became a coach. She has her B.S. in Health and Wellness with a concentration in Food and Nutrition from Framingham State. 

Her goal is to help her clients improve every day. Whether that be performance-based, strength, muscular endurance, muscle definition, or flexibility. She is a lead instructor in our youth program & teen girls empowerment program. She provides 1 on 1 training, and is an integral part of our small group personal training. 

Additional Certifications: CPR & AED, Certified Functional Strength Coach, and Pain Free Performance Specialist.

Victor Oks

Certified Personal Trainer

Victor has competed his B.S. in Exercise and Movement Sciences at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA.

With this background knowledge, he uses an evidence-based approach to assisting people in developing an exercise program tailored to their individual goals and needs. 

He is a lead coach for our youth athlete program and provides 1 on 1 training. 

Will Hogan

Certified Personal Trainer

Will is an ACE certified personal trainer. He has competed in multiple ultra marathons across New England. Will gained passion for fitness through his love for trail running and strength training. 

Will is currently an assistant with our youth program and provides 1 on 1 training. He takes a functional approach to training with the goal to make fitness enjoyable for everyone. 

Gianna Caruso

Certified Personal Trainer

Gianna is a NASM certified personal trainer. She has a Neuropsychology B.A. from Assumption University and developed a love for fitness after college. 

Gianna aims to help her clients reach their fitness goals in the safest manner possible. She uses her experience to build custom programs tailored to each client’s needs. She specializes in strength, hypertrophy, and functional training as well as mobility and flexibility improvement. Gianna finds passion in helping our young women that participate in our teen empowerment program. She is also a lead instructor in both our adult and our youth programs. 

Jonny Bonner

Certified Personal Trainer

Jonny is an ACE certified personal trainer. He has played D1 Soccer at UVM and professionally in Ireland. He has been coaching kids and adults for over 7 years.

His goal is to help his clients improve every session and help them enjoy the process along the way.

Certifications: CPR/AED, ACE CPT, ACE Sports Performance Specialist, EPI Strength & Conditioning

Aidan Friend

Certified Personal Trainer

Aidan received his degree in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College. After completing his degree Aidan interned at the College of the Holy Cross working with Division 1 athletes. After graduation he started his career in two private sector training facilities. He has experience training a wide range of clientele including youth, high school, college, adult, and professional athletes. 

Aidan uses science based programming to ensure his clients get the most out of every work out. He aims to help his clients perfect their technique to prevent injury and promote proper muscle activation. 

Our Facility

New Addition

Our brand new, state of the art electronic air purification system has just been installed in time for flu and cold season. This system uses a special UV light and filters to kill viruses (including COVID-19), germs and bacteria to the standard of some of the top hospitals and medical facilities.
Your health, wellness, and fitness is our top priority and we are very proud to say that we are always looking to raise the bar (pun intended) on our services to match or exceed expectations.

Gray's Anatomy Academy was awarded the 2022 Best of Needham Award!