Youth Training Services

Youth Athletic Development

Helping kids form a positive relationship with exercise, improving their self confidence, and maximizing their athletic performance for individual sports are the pillars of our youth athlete program. Prices starting as low as $30 per class! 

Teen Girls Empowerment Program

Helping teen girls cope with some of the social pressures of high school. This program encourages positive health habits and provides mentorship that fosters female empowerment. Prices starting as low as $25 per class! 

1 on 1 personal Training

1-on-1 training with personalized programming and coaching. This option yields maximal progress based on the more individualized attention provided. Prices starting as low as $85 per session!

High School Athlete Program

Whether you are an in-season athlete aiming to sustain strength and prevent injury or you’re an off season athlete looking to increase strength and improve explosiveness, this program will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each athlete. Let us help you prepare. Prices starting as low as $30 per class!

Birthday Party

Our birthday party services consist of a one hour class with all of their closest friends where they get to play fun games, compete with friends, and even learn how to do a pull up. The class will be followed by a thirty minute celebration period. We provide the table and chairs, all you have to do is provide the food and paper products! We can accommodate up to 10 kids for each party.